Vouchers from Ortmann Billiards


As a present or as a christmas gift or just to be nice to somebody..

You can´t be wrong with a voucher from Ortmann Billiards.

It´s flexible and timeless.

We would be happy to produce your special voucher for you.
For further questions we are happy to help you.


Please note:

  • If you order a voucher from Ortmann Billiards, we will send you an email with your individual code. This code will be neccessary for the one who is buying products in our shop.
  • Please make sure that only you and the persons of your selection will use the code for the voucher we send to you.
  • Ortmann Billiards is not liable for misuse of the codes.
  • Vouchers are valid for all products in our shop, but not for shipping costs.
  • Vouchers are not redeemable as money..
  • Vouchers can be used in several orders as long as the total amount of the voucher has not been reached.
  • Vouchers have an unlimited validity.